Portstewart Strand Beach Equipment Request & Consent Form

Portstewart Beach

Equipment Requested


  • I wish to borrow the named equipment for the specified time.
  • I confirm that I have read theTerms & Conditions and Frequently Asked Questions and hereby agree to abide by these instructions and rules.
  • I confirm I am a Mae Murray Foundation member who has watched the online Beach Safety Video. I understand the guidance. Specifically, I will not use or operate any equipment unless I am competent to do so.
  • I further agree to return the below named equipment in the same condition as
    when issued. I understand I am responsible for the security and condition of this
    equipment and agree to pay for repair or replacement of this item(s) if lost or
    damaged whilst in my charge.

  • I can confirm that I have attended an online Inclusive Beach Safety Induction meeting
  • I understand I am borrowing/using this equipment without formal or professional
    assessment of need and will not hold Mae Murray Foundation or Council liable for
    any injury or personal loss sustained as a result.
  • I understand this is an equipment request service and I do not have a confirmed
    booking until I receive confirmation.

How information about you will be used:

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You have the choice of becoming a member for the purposes of accessing our equipment loan schemes only, without being added to our event mailing list.