Help Us Plan

Calling on your lived experience!

We are a lived experience organisation. This means we believe that members, who are often excluded from taking part, understand the barriers to participation and are best placed to find solutions. You can share your lived experience with us in a number of ways:

Community Focus Groups / Project Advisory Groups

Get in touch if you would like to join one of our local advisory groups whose members highlight local need and help us to design solution based projects to meet this need.

Youth Panel

Our Youth Panel is for young people of all abilities, aged 14-25 who have an interest in leadership and creating change for their peers and future generations.

Contact us!

Do you have a new or existing barrier that’s preventing you from taking part,  or an issue and no one is listening? Pick up the phone and give us a call. Although we cannot solve every issue that our members face, we sit on many boards and advisory panels and can ensure your voice is heard.


We complete various consultations on behalf of our members. Keep an eye on our social media and your weekly Newsletter to contribute towards any consultations.


Throughout many of our projects, we ask you for feedback through various surveys. This helps us to understand how we can help you and how we can improve our services.