Let's get started !

How advanced is Equi-Zone?

Equi-Zone is still in the planning stages. We aim to acquire a site as soon as possible and a total of six miniature horses with perhaps some larger animals. The willingness of our animals to interact by choice is really important to us, so training is already under way. We are fortunate to have help from a dedicated and highly skilled volunteer. In addition, expert advice is on-hand from Dr Helen Spence, horse behavioural specialist and advisor to the Mae Murray Foundation.

What will Equi-Zone be like once it is open?

We will open all year round. A social room will let you meet friends, even if our horses are chilling out elsewhere. Some of our ideas include: teaching agility skills, horse care and stable management courses, group games, one to one therapeutic sessions, youth club evenings and friendship mornings.

Equi-Zone will be a social enterprise business. This means that our efforts will be directed to areas of unmet need, whilst ensuring we can be self-sustaining. Sometimes we will run private events for other individuals or organisations. Any money generated will ALWAYS be used to fulfil our charitable aims and, of course, ensure we can take good care of our animal friends in the long-term. Let us know what you think! Please complete our short survey here. All data will be held in accordance with current legislation.

“Pets should certainly not be regarded as a perfect pill for treating ill-health. Nonetheless… animals have the potential to contribute significantly to our well-being and quality of lives, and, as such, should not be overlooked as an alternative, or complementary, form of therapy in modern-day healthcare practices”

– Deborah Wells, Senior Lecturer – Psychology, Queen’s University, Belfast


Where will Equi-Zone be based?

We need a site of up to 20 acres in size for the entire N-cluzion Zone project, of which Equi-Zone will use a portion. Rural land near a main arterial route, within 15 minutes of the M2 and no more than 30 minutes from Belfast, would be ideal.

Here is a snapshot of what you’ve told us already: