Cranfield Beach Equipment Request & Consent Form

Cranfield Beach

Equipment Requested


  • I wish to borrow the named equipment for the specified time.
  • I confirm that I have read theTerms & Conditions and Frequently Asked Questions and hereby agree to abide by these instructions and rules.
  • I confirm I am a Mae Murray Foundation member with ownership and
    responsibility of use of membership card. I understand the guidance. Specifically, I
    will not use or operate any equipment unless I am competent to do so.
  • I further agree to return the below named equipment in the same condition as
    when issued. I understand I am responsible for the security and condition of this
    equipment and agree to pay for repair or replacement of this item(s) if lost or
    damaged whilst in my charge.

For Floating Chairs only

  • I confirm I have watched the online water safety video and understand the
    advice. I have read the full terms and conditions and understand the buoyancy aid
  • I understand I am borrowing/using this equipment without formal or professional
    assessment of need and will not hold Mae Murray Foundation or Council liable for
    any injury or personal loss sustained as a result.
  • I understand this is an equipment request service and I do not have a confirmed
    booking until I receive confirmation.