Inclusive Beaches

What is an Inclusive Beach?

An Inclusive Beach is a beach environment that Mae Murray Foundation has planned so that people of all ages and abilities can take part, have fun, and be included.

Inclusive Beaches will provide access, parking, and disabled toilets. Toilets will always offer hoisting and adult sized changing bench facilities – to full Changing Places standard whenever possible.

Inclusive Beaches in Northern Ireland offer free beach equipment loan schemes, operated as a partnership between Mae Murray Foundation and respective beach operators.

In addition to offering beach equipment for individual loan, Inclusive Beaches often host events and activities, delivered by Mae Murray Foundation. This may include beach fun days, surf days, litter picking events amongst others. Event notifications are emailed via the membership newsletter. Membership is free, simply click here to join.

How does the Inclusive Beach Equipment Loan Scheme operate?

You will find answers to Frequently Asked Questions, Terms and Conditions, beach locations, schedules and equipment range below. Watching online induction and safety videos are a compulsory part of the 6-step booking process.

Does it take long to make an Equipment Loan Scheme booking?

The 6-step booking process involves watching an induction video and if you are borrowing a floating chair, you will also need to watch a water safety video. If you are using the beach equipment loan scheme for the first time, this is ALL important information, designed to keep you safe. Please set aside time to watch carefully and read the associated information.

Once you are used to the process and have a good understanding of safety measures you may not need to rewatch the videos – enabling you to book more quickly for the rest of the season.

Thanks to all our supporters – we are Creating Change Together.


6 Step Booking Process

  1. Ensure you have membership of Mae Murray Foundation – which is free! Click here.
  2. Watch this online information and safety video. Click here.
  3. Read Frequently Asked Questions and Terms and Conditions.
  4. Check beach schedules and equipment options for your preferred beach. If unsure about which piece of equipment is best for you, contact MMF office.
  5. Complete the online booking request form. You MUST send your request 72 hours in advance. Click here
  6. Await confirmation email with further instruction. If no email is received contact Mae Murray Foundation office on 03006001166